Our Story

In April 2004, Michael Quinttus founded VINTUS based on his desire to develop a focused portfolio of exceptional, family-owned, estate-based producers of hand-crafted wines. Michael was previously a senior executive at Kobrand Corporation, where he managed their wine portfolio. Every visitor to this website knows that wine uniquely enhances the quality of life. One of wine’s most thrilling dimensions is the seemingly endless range of aroma, flavor and texture profiles it offers, depending on vineyard sites, grapes used, climate and vinification. As wine consumers and professionals become more experienced with wine, they relish this diversity and savor new flavor and style experiences.

Our work, with our partners, is to match the passion and rigor of our producers with the sophistication and determination necessary to make an impact in the fine wine industry.”

The wine industry, like other businesses, has experienced progressive consolidation in all its tiers of distribution (producer, wholesaler and retailer/restaurant). In this context, it is the goal of VINTUS to assemble an extraordinary range of “wines of place” produced by passionate personalities driven to extract the maximum expression from their estates. These are visionary leaders that are producing today and tomorrow’s benchmarks, wines that can and deserve to stand out in the market. Our work, with our partners, is to match the passion and rigor of our producers with the sophistication and determination necessary to make an impact in the fine wine industry.

VINTUS is not just the embodiment of its remarkable estates. It is also a team of young, dynamic and highly motivated professionals in sales, marketing and operations who share the VINTUS vision and its standards of excellence and service. And our wines are sold through a network of distributors in all 50 states and the Caribbean who have been carefully selected as partners because of their sophisticated wine knowledge, similar philosophical foundations, relationships with the finest wine shops and restaurants in their markets, and their commitment to our wines.

We greatly appreciate your interest in our unique portfolio of wines, and thank you for taking the time to delve deeper into the fascinating backgrounds of our producers and their compelling wines.


Wine Enthusiast Importer of the Year 2017


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Executive Team

Michael Quinttus

Chief Executive Officer

Alexander Michas

Executive Vice President
Chief Operating Officer

James Federico, Jr., CPA

Chief Financial Officer

Michael Gitter

Vice President
Director of Marketing

Sales Team

Mark Caron

Vice President
National Sales Manager, Northern U.S.

Tom Dillione

Vice President
National Sales Manager, Southern U.S.

Patrick Will

Vice President
Brand Management & Development

Christina Miller

Vice President
Director of National Accounts, Airlines & Cruise Lines

Linda Wish

National Accounts
Strategic Retail Manager

Meagan Reister

National Accounts
Sales Manager

Carrianne Brookins

NJ/PA/WV Division Manager

Christophe Courteaud

Mid-Atlantic Division Manager

Wayne Raborn

Southeast Division Sales Manager

Rik Steere

South Florida & Caribbean
Sales Manager

Brian Bergeron

West Florida Sales Manager

Jonathon Nicholson

South Central Division Manager

Maureen Lara-Fournier

South TX Manager &
LA/AR State Manager

Craig Collins, MS

Italian Portfolio Sales Manager

Jonathan Tagliani

New England Division Manager

Deirdre Pollard

Boston Sales Manager

Anthony Hendrie

Midwest Division Manager

Nicole Imparato

Chicago Sales Manager

Todd Coffin

Western Division Manager

Becca Rumsey

Southern CA Manager &
AZ State Manager

Brittany Powers

Northwest Division Manager

Rob Harp

Central Division Manager

Marketing Team

Anthony Cohen

Brand Director

Alyssa Faden

Consumer Marketing & PR Director

Santosh Varghese

Marketing Manager

Katie Shrout

Marketing Manager

Jesse Levine

Content Manager

Ryan DeGraw

Marketing Associate

Operations Team

Tissi Mendes

Senior Reporting Analyst

Customer Service Team

Konstantine Sukhovarov

Director of Logistics &
Customer Service

Theresa Bensaia

Logistics & Customer Service

Simone Berrios

Senior Compliance Specialist

Brittany Hartman

Order Processing & Customer Service

Darlene Manning

Order Processing, Customer Service & Compliance

Christine Tomlinson

Order Processing, Customer Service & Compliance

Jay Prosser

Order Processing, Customer Service & Compliance

Compliance Team

Allison Quinttus

Director of Compliance & Human Resources

Accounting Team

Eilene Dunckelman


Kamiash Brown


Karen Velazquez


Jayme Stedman


Jessica Mascorro


Maria Pepdjonovic


Ndeye Gningue


Fazia Khubba, CMA


Claudette Leekin